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We offer different paint packages for your vehicle. Our workshop guarantees a quality service, both in terms of know-how and in terms of products.
Our electronic chassis measurement equipment provides reliable diagnosis. The data obtained by the device enables the calibration and repair of chassis for any brand of vehicle.
We are fully equipped to repair aluminium and carbon after a vehicle accident. We are also able to perform factory-type welding, or bonding and riveting joining method in order to bring back your vehicle to its original standard.

Pioneer in the use of water-base paint, Leal & Co. Ltd protects and cares about the environment.
We also have our own paint preparation laboratory.

Forfaits Paint & Panel

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Head of Department
Mr Christian Ferrière   Mr François Gellé
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Jean-Bernard Nemorin
Planning Officer
Tel: 203 5620
Email: bodyshopservice@lealgroup.mu

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