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With a strong reputation for quality, DENSO spark plugs guarantee optimum engine performance for automotive, motorcycle, marine or small engines.
For decades, DENSO spark plugs have been used as Original Equipment (OE) by many major automotive and motorcycle manufacturers including Ford, Honda, Kawasaki, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota and Yamaha.

In 1972, DENSO received a patent for the innovative U-groove ground electrode design which later became the industry blueprint for spark plug manufacture. In the 1980s, DENSO became the first company to mass produce the double-platinum spark plug.
Today, DENSO continues to push the technology barrier toward the horizon. Our latest achievement, the Iridium Power® Performance range, truly redefines performance driving with the world’s smallest iridium alloy electrode diameter of 0.4mm.

DENSO Spark Plugs offer:

Improved cold-starting.
More efficient fuel consumption.
Better engine performance and acceleration.
Smoother idling performance and throttle response.
Original equipment quality now available to the aftermarket.
Plugs available for all applications. Iridium Power® confirms DENSO's position as a leading spark plug manufacturer.

DENSO wiper systems are found on the majority of todays cars. Advanced rubber quality and processing gives DENSO’s wiper blades improved resistant to the suns rays and deterioration. Meticulous testing ensures each wiper meets our high standards for fit and performance.
DENSO’s wiper blade range comes with a smart clip. This enables quick and easy fitting of the wiper blade.DENSO’s wear-resistant quality wiper blades are available for virtually all motorists. The U.S. magazine Customer Report rated DENSO wiper blades as ‘excellent’ and wrote also that ‘DENSO wiper blades
clean better overall than any others we tested’.DENSO wiper blades and more than 150 spark plug references for the whole range of automotive, motorcycle, marine or small engines as well as racing engines are available at Leal & Co. Ltd and at more than 150 various points of sale around the island.

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