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Proposing products perfectly adapted to all motor technologies, ELF lubricants allow you to fully take advantage of the performances of your vehicle while slightly increasing its lifespan.

This performance is reached by the oils of the ELF range after several years of research in the laboratories of the group.
Each product is the result of multiple computer assisted simulations, of many laboratory tests and many tests under real conditions in partnership with the largest world manufacturers.
ELF motor oils benefit of the same requirement as the products developed since 35 years for the automobile competition, where ELF is recognised as the first range expert and the reference in F1 Grand Prix with 136 victories and 15 titles of World Champion.
The technological solutions developed in Formula 1 in terms of anti-wear properties and oil film resistance, are used in the development of our products for the general public.
When you choose an ELF oil, you are sure of benefiting of the expertise of a brand recognised for the dynamics of its research and technical efficiency of its products.
Leal & Co. Ltd supplies ELF lubricants for cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles to many mechanical workshops and spare parts shops around the island and is trusted for its quality and service.

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