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PPG Selemix Industrial Paint System

High technology at your fingertips

•Selemix is the multimix system of the highest quality, meeting every possible painting and surface protection need, whether for industrial or craft application.

•Selemix comprises a series of colour bases, rich in high quality pigments, which provide excellent durability, high yield and substantial savings.

•the flexibility of the Selemix system means that customers are assured of a product which meets their individual needs in terms of quality and price
•over 18,000 colours specifically formulated in each of the three most widely used technology families - polyurethane, nitrocellulose and fast-drying enamel to obtain the most accurate colour matching

•Leal & Co.Ltd offers colour formulae cover references for commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, fiber glass structure, aluminium structures, boats, machine tools, farm machines, shelves, bicycles, furniture etc.

•also available are such standard references as RAL, Pantone, British Standard and NCS (Natural Colour System).

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