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“Take it, shake it, use it”

Waterborne automotive paints are no doubt the next generation paint and are compliant with Environmental Protection Laws. PPG Envirobase not only helps to protect the environment, but also provides a safer working atmosphere for painters.

In Mauritius, Leal & Co. Ltd is the first company to use this new environment friendly technology on a wider basis for a better and cleaner paint repair.


Convenient, non-stir toners
Continuous colour accuracy
Anti-settle tint technology assures toner stability and long shelf-life
Superb finish, with even metallic control and excellent gloss when clearcoated
Easy to apply and blend – ensuring a quality finish every time
No petroleum based solvent required to wash equipment – only water.
Fast drying - as fast as any conventional solvent borne system
No volatile organic compound released in the atmosphere – Ozone Friendly

Ideal for:

Collision repair centres looking for environment-friendly paints and safer atmosphere
Shops located in regions where VOC emissions are strictly regulated
High production shops that focus on cycle time performance
Dealerships or shops requiring OEM approvals
Shops employing top-notch painters
Quality-minded and Well-equipped shops

The result is a fast, easy-to-use product that delivers a perfect match every time.

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