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Mitsubishi Genuine Parts and Accessories are engineered and manufactured to ensure a perfect fit and optimal performance for your vehicle. You can therefore purchase them with confidence. Along with using Mitsubishi Genuine Service, it's the best way to protect your investment for the long run and keep your Mitsubishi 100 % Mitsubishi. Don't make any compromise on optimum performance, comfort and fuel efficiency: Genuine Service and Parts by Mitsubishi can give you the peace of mind you've been looking for.

Contact person for all Mitsubishi parts:

Mr Preetam Dinnoo

Tel: 202 8877 / 202 8800
Email: pdinnoo@leal.lealgroup.com
Contact person for all Aftersales services / appointment

Mrs Liseby Sebastien

Tel: 202 8837 / 202 8800
Email: msebastien@leal.lealgroup.com
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